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If it’s a really big number (8 is already medium size) then you don’t really want to be throwing too many chips in here with your Ace-10 because hands that go against you all the way to showdown are quite likely to be pocket pairs. Evaluating Fold Equity Against Good Players | Big Poker Boss If you were playing poker against poor players your fold equity would be determined by a few key concepts. Firstly, the number of Players in the Pot. If you are playing poker games against bad players then your fold equity is lowered when … Poker Pot Odds - A Beginner's Guide |

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What is SPR? - Cash Games - CardsChat™ - Online Poker Forum As Chuck said it's stack to pot ratio and is a huge topic in Professional No-Limit Holdem. Specifically it's the ratio of the total preflop pot to the effective remaining stack. So if you're ... Pot-Limit Omaha: The Stack-to-Pot Ratio (SPR) Part II - Card ... Pot-Limit Omaha: The Stack-to-Pot Ratio (SPR) Part II . by Jeff Hwang. Switching From Online To Brick and Mortar Poker . by Alan Schoonmaker. Commentaries & Personalities. Variety Is the Spice of Life

Cash games were rarely spread in conventional poker rooms. ... no-limit concepts like The REM Process, The Commitment Threshold, and Stack-To-Pot Ratios?

Stack-to-pot ratio | Poker Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Stack-to-pot ratio (SPR) is a metric first published by Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta, and Ed Miller in Professional No-limit Hold 'em: Volume One. It is calculated by dividing the effective stack against a given opponent by the size of the flop pot. SPR Explained - Stack-to-Pot Ratio - Poker Junkie The best play for a certain hand depends on how much money you have in your stack. In both holdem and Omaha, the stack-to-pot ratio is an important tool for better decisions. Bet Size Strategy: 4 Rules That Will Help You Choose the ...

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Stack to Pot ratio - Cash Games - CardsChat™ This is a discussion on Stack to Pot ratio within the online poker forums, in the Cash Games section; Hello everyone! I’m interested in studying SPR for I regard it has a lot of possible ... Stack To Pot Ratio - SPR - What Is It? | Dictionary and ... The Stack-to-Pot Ratio, or SPR for short, is defined as the ratio of the effective stack-size divided by the size of the pot. It is important to know for betting and commitment purposes.

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What is Stack to Pot Ratio? Stack to pot ratio → 1. Stack to pot ratio is the ratio of the effective stacks to the current pot size. Example usage → “Stack to pot ratios of 4 are typically considered ideal for top pair type hands in Hold’em” Stack to Pot Ratios - Exceptional Poker... D o you want to make your postflop decisions easier in cash games? If so, you need to learn how to calculate your SPR, or Stack-to-Pot Ratio. Ed Miller and his co-authors coined this “SPR” term a few years ago in Professional No Limit Hold’em: Volume I, which, in my opinion, is a must-read book for intermediate players looking to move up. Stack to Pot Ratio | Run It Once Qing Yang makes his Run It Once debut with a video focused on stack to pot ratio. The Singapore-based poker pro who gets most of his volume in the Chinese app games and live games, provides a brief introduction to his poker background, software fluency, and plans for future videos before diving into today's topic. Stack to Pot ratio - Cash Games - CardsChat™

Poker Strategy: How to Play AA with a Stack to Pot Ratio of 1 April 22, 2019 new-balance-nb Poker Strategies CLP subscriber Gene calls in with a hand where he 4 bets AA and gets called. The 2+2 Forum Archives: Stack-To-Pot Ratios: Introduction