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In no-limit poker, to bet all of your chips as a sign of total confidence in your hand. If you have a very good hand, go all-in to win the maximum number of chips or to scare off mediocre hands so they won't catch the cards they need to beat yours. If you have a bad hand, you can bluff by going all-in and hope everyone folds. All in - definition of all in by The Free Dictionary Games Staking all of one's chips, as in poker. 3. Putting all of one's available resources into an effort: The governor mounted a halfhearted campaign for the presidency but didn't go all in. all in all. Everything being taken into account: All in all, the criticism seemed fair.

Urban Dictionary: all in All In. Originally and still a poker metatphor, 'all in' has also come to mean a situation whose subject is unreservedly involved, without qualification. Fully committed. In this sense the term "all in" is almost the same as its denotative opposite, " all out ," as in all-out warfare. Going All In on “All In” | The New Yorker Going All In on “All In”. In the game of poker, it refers to the moment when a player—whether out of bravado, recklessness, or desperation—bets all of his or her chips on a single hand. Thanks to the Texas Hold’em craze of the nineteen-nineties and two thousands, and the public’s appetite for new forms of dramatic hyperbole,... Poker phrase - Crossword Quiz Answers

With respect to the rules of poker, proper; a vague phrase invoking authority. .... $20 of John's bet goes into the main pot, as does $20 of Jim's bet, and all of your  ...

All-In - A wager of all of your chips. Most ring games are table stakes games. This means that chips must be on the table at the start of the hand in order to be in play. Players may only lose as many chips as they have in front of the on any given hand. They may not go into their pocket for more money... Poker Dictionary ("I went all-in with pocket 2's and he had AK so it was a coin flip"). cold-call (v). To call a raise when you do not already have a bet in the pot.covered (phrase). In a tournament, when 1 player is thinking about calling an all-in from another player and has more chips than the other player. Poker Phrases - jinshin202's blog Poker is a prominent game that has a following of millions and millions of energized fanaticsThere are poker forums that distribute data about the assorted phrases employed in the game.'All blue and all Pink' alludes to a player holds a hand made up of all diamonds, spades, hearts, or clubs.

Dec 28, 2010 ... Ever since the World Series of Poker became a household name, NL ... On the other hand, going all-in pre-flop can be your best chance to ...

All In - Haberfeld To paraphrase the old saying, all courses of action are risky, so fortune favors those who calculate risk and act decisively. The same goes for poker players who know when to go all in, and for community financial institutions that want to … Wiesenberg: MCU Dictionary of Poker | Letter C – Both situations come up more in draw games than other forms of poker, but the term still applies to all games. When a side pot is involved, usually all active hands at the showdown are called hands.

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This is a discussion on Poker phrases in common use within the online poker forums, in the General Poker section; Lately I've been noticing how many poker phrases and terms are in common use, even ... All in - definition of all in by The Free Dictionary For instance, in German, the word alle, literally meaning "all," can be used idiomatically to mean "all gone, used up, at an end." The standard German sentence Der Kaffee ist alle (word for word, "The coffee is all") means "The coffee is all gone" or "The coffee has been used up," for example. When to Go All In - RuffPoker - Online Poker Rooms, Poker ... When to Go All In. When playing No Limit Texas Holdem, the most popular phrase in the game is “ALL IN”. If you do not already know what it means, it just means that you are betting everything you have in front of you. Then you would be left with all of your chips in the pot, which is where the phrase comes from. idioms - What’s the difference between “Go all out” and ...

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Find out the poker phrases and terms to keep the conversation going around the table.Poker Terms: Beginning Definitions. All-in: when a player bets all of his/her chips.Raise: to increase the previous bet. River: the last card dealt in all games. Suit: the kind of playing card for example, Clubs... Shove Your Stack In Poker (Go All In For Profit) | SplitSuit… Going all in is fun, but it can be dangerous if done incorrectly!Going all in with a monster hand and getting a call from a lesser hand is a tremendous feeling – we’ve either won the absolute maximum possible (if the shove was on the river), or we got our money in as a huge favorite (on an earlier street). English vocabulary for poker exercise part 2 | Blair… All-in: (adjective) To go 'all-in' means to gamble/put into the pot all the money/chips you have left on the table.'all-in' is used by players in this situation. It means that they can continue in the game being played and are able to show their hand/cards at the end of the game and possibiliy win money/chips.

Poker Terms and Definitions - Poker Dictionary Poker terms and phrases used at the poker table, including examples and definitions.All blue (all pink) A flush. All-in Have all one’s money in the pot.Sit and Go A poker tournament that starts whenever a specified number of players have registered. As in Poker, Go "All In" With Business Storytelling